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Ryan’s Story

22 Aug 2016

Hello My name is Ryan Liggett and I am so indebted to the entire staff of the Royal Victoria Hospital but in particular to the Haematology staff that I wanted to show you that although Cancer has an infamous reputation, there are success stories and this is one.

I was diagnosed at age 3 with a whim’s tumour which is cancer of the Kidney as a result I had Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy. So for a while I was sporting a hairpiece that would have made Donald Trump blush.

Additionally, I never was a fan of needles so I had an intravenous line in my left arm which made for some interesting bath times with a bag around my arm to keep it clean and prevent infection. Eventually the tumour was restricted to my Kidney and the decision was taken to remove it. So I had my right kidney removed alongside the tumour.



Well that was successful until at the age of 6, I received the unfortunate news that the Cancer had returned in the Kidney bed and I had another battle ahead. So another run of chemotherapy and radiotherapy through, another intravenous line and the new tumour had been reduced to a manageable size and surgery was undertaken to remove it from the Kidney bed and sections of the liver.

In the picture with me measuring up to the Lego man you can see evidence of the many minor infections that result from treatment but kept under control they won’t keep you down. As you can see I was a keen fisherman and would have been regular found at a riverbank after treatment.

That was me then this is me today, I have just graduated from Ulster University in Environmental Health. Although I have a few side effects from the treatment which I continue to work through, I am feeling good and getting on with the normal stresses of life.



So you see although the journey looks dark and scary, keep positive keep moving forward there is a better future a head it just takes time patience and a bit of faith and you will get there.

Throughout this time, I had my Mum, without whom I definitely wouldn’t be the man I am today.

So in conclusion, it is a journey there will be bumps along the way but you will get through it.

Also I know this is a very simplistic overview of proceedings and I have attempted to keep this light hearted but I know the seriousness of the issues faced by a child with and recovering from Cancer. If I can help in anyway give me a pm on here anytime.

Finally thank you very much to all the Staff of the Royal Victoria Children’s hospital there are too many of you to start naming names but you know who you are so thank you.