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The Children’s Cancer Unit Charity relies solely on donations in order to continue its support for the Children’s Cancer Unit, the children undergoing treatment there and their families.

We are extremely grateful to all the families, individuals and organisations who continue to donate and support the charity to ensure that we can continue this vital work and and deliver the highest quality care to our children and young people.


Corporate Donations

We are incredibly lucky to partner with businesses and organisations all across Northern Ireland who have chosen to support our work.

If your business or workplace would like to fundraise for The Children’s Cancer Unit Charity, take part in one of our events or would like have a discussion about choosing us as your official charity partner, please get in touch and we would be delighted to have a conversation.

You can get in touch by phone on 028 96013744 or email

We look forward to hearing from you!

Donate On-line

There are many different ways to make a donation to support our work in the Children’s Cancer and Haematology Unit in the Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children.

Donate Off-line

There are many different ways to make a donation to support our work in the Children’s Cancer and Haematology Unit. Learn more about supporting us via standing order, cheque or a gift in your will.


We depend on donations to provide the very best care for our young patients and their families.

Our fantastic supporters organise their own fundraising events for us all year round: from cake sales and walks, to art exhibitions and wine tasting, the sky’s the limit!

If you'd like to join in and organise your own activity, then you’ll find everything you need here; inspiration, advice and all things nice to make sure it’s a success. Have a look at our five top tips or get in touch to tell us all about what you’ve got planned.

1. Pick an idea

Whether you’d like to do something adventurous, quirky, sporty or social, you’ll find inspiration in our A-Z list below. Your idea can be as big or small as you want - be creative!

2. Plan your activity

The better prepared you are, the more smoothly your activity will run. Think Who, What, When, Where, Why and How.

Have a goal and set yourself a fundraising target to help you plan. Think about how much you want to raise and when you want to raise it by. Be ambitious!

3. Promote your fundraiser

Once the details are decided, it’s time to drum up lots of interest from everyone you know. Let us know about your event and we can help raise awareness through Facebook and Twitter.

4. Pay in your money

You can collect donations yourself and send them to us or raise money through JustGiving.

5. Pat yourself on the back

All your hard work has paid off. The funds you've raised will help the Cancer Unit continue to care for all our young patients and their families. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done!

Our A-Z of fundraising ideas


Choose how long you are going to give up drinking for, and then ask people to sponsor you
Artwork sale or auction
Of friends work or that of local artists
Arts / Craft Stall
Sell your works of art at a craft fair
Afternoon Tea
Put the kettle on and get baking


Bag packing at a local supermarket
Ask your supermarket if you can hold a bag packing day
Ask guests to pay an entrance fee, then provide them with food and drink for free
Bike rides
You name the distance and the route
Book sales
Clear out your book shelves and get ready to sell
Book club
Meet monthly, charge a club fee


Cake bake
Invite your neighbours round or do this at work. Bake a few cakes and sell each slice
Carol singing
Get your vocal chords warmed up
Car washing
Get your sponges ready
Coffee mornings
Get the good mugs out and have a few friends round
Coppers for CCUC
Collect all those unwanted coppers that weigh down your pockets
Chocolate ban
Give up chocolate for a day, week or month and give the cash you saved to CCUC


Organise a disco or ceilidh night. You need a venue, band/ DJ and a drinks licence (if you are selling alcohol)
Dog walking
Get your neighbours to pay you.
Dress down day
Ditch the uniform or the suit and dress down for the day


Get local arts and crafts groups to hold an exhibition of their work. Ask for an admission fee
Eco Day
Dress green and do good deeds for the day like litter picking and recycling your rubbish. Get sponsored for all the activities you do
Register sign up to eBay and auction off your old, unwanted items


Film night
Create your own cinema and hold a film night for family and friends. Sell popcorn and drinks and charge an entry fee
Football match
Collections at half time
Fun runs
Simply book a place in an officially organised event and ask friends for sponsorship


Garden party
Or open garden; show off your plants and offer refreshments / entertainment
Grow a beard or moustache
Get sponsored to grow a beard or moustache
Give it up
Get sponsored to go without something e.g. chocolate, smoking, computer games
Guess the weight / number of
e.g. balloons in a car, sweets in a jar


Halloween party
Get into fancy dress
Head and tails auction
Idea for a special event – everyone donates £5, stands up and decides whether they're heads or tails by putting a hand on their head or their bottom. A coin is flipped and the result announced. Those who get it wrong sit down. Continue until only one person is left. Winner gets a prize.
Head shave
How about shaving your head or waxing those legs?


International evening
Hold a themed international night and decorate your hall with flags from across the globe. Serve national dishes and entertain your guests with world music


Jelly eating competition
Great fun for the kids
Jumble sale
Get friends to donate unwanted quality items and sell them


Karaoke night
Get friends together for a sing-song
Put your needles together and sell your wares at the local bazaar


Local races and marathons
Take advantage of any local races that are established in your area. Book a place and ask friends for sponsorship
Loud tie day
Get your company to sponsor it
Litter picking
Litter pickers at the ready – tidy your local community for a good cause


Market stall
Book a pitch at your local market. Sell fruit and vegetable from your garden or unwanted items from your home
Master classes
Organise a small class to teach other people your talent e.g. knitting / gardening
Matched Giving
Lots of employers will match some or all of the sponsorship you raise. It’s a great way to increase your fundraising so check with your manager to see if your company takes part in a matched giving scheme


Name the teddy
Charge people to come up with the most interesting suggestion. You could raffle the teddy at the end to
No smoking week
For all those who need a real incentive
Non uniform day
For kids at school


Outgrown exchange
A sale of children's clothes, books or toys


Plant sale
Next time you're planting seedlings or taking cuttings why not double the quantity and have a plant sale later in the year?
Plant a tree
In collaboration with your local authority's tree planting programme
Pub games evening
Teams pay to enter. Have plenty of fun prizes and charge for refreshments


Quiz night
Get your questions ready and charge per team


Race night
Organise an event at your local dog or horse racing stadium
Get friends and family or local business to donate prizes and raffle them off
How many books can you read over a short period of time?


Scrabble competition
If you're brave enough to jump out of a plane, there'll be plenty of people who will sponsor you
Why not raise money as you lose the pounds? Get friends to sponsor you
Kids and adults can do sponsored distances


Teddy bears picnic
charge for entry and organise a clown, face painters etc
Treasure hunt
Get some prizes donated and organise a set of clues leading people from one location to the next. All participants pay a fee to enter. Finish with a barbecue?


(Down) Under day
Celebrate all things Australian, hold a BBQ and ask everyone to dress up like surfers or beach babes. Ask friends to pay an entry fee
Ugly face pulling competition
A prize for the most outrageous face, Make sure you get photographic evidence. Each entrant pays to play


Take part in a sponsored walk
Wine tasting evening
Spend an evening tasting fine wines. Ask attendees to pay an entry fee, provide wine, cheese and French bread free of charge. Try to get the wine donated


X-Factor Competition
Celebrate your talents by putting on a show


Yoga marathon
Only for the very supple!
Yes day
Say yes to everyone's demands (within reason!) and ask people to sponsor you to do so


Zany events
The list is endless… zumba marathon, dress like a clown… go as daring as you like. Get people to sponsor you or donate on the day

We're so grateful for your valuable support, which will make sure we can continue to care for children in the province who suffer with all forms of childhood cancer and selected benign haematological conditions.

We would love to hear about your fundraising activities. Take photos of what you do and send them to us so we can celebrate your success by sharing them on our website.

Fundraising not for you? Make a one off donation

Many children come through the doors of the unit every year with complex conditions, sometimes life threatening and in need of specialist care. With your help we can give hope to children and continue to make the Children’s Cancer Unit the special place that it is.