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Children’s Cancer Unit Charity


Whistle-Blowing Policy

Only to be used in exceptional circumstances:

The Children’s Cancer Unit Charity always aim to conduct ourselves ethically, and with honesty and integrity. We expect the same high standards from all of our people – employees, paid and voluntary, contractors and agency workers.
“Whistle-blowing” is a term used to refer to internal or external disclosure of malpractice as well as illegal acts, or omissions”.(NSPCC)

Proof is not necessarily required, however you do need to hold a reasonable belief on such an action being carried out or likely to be carried out.

Who should I raise a concern with Internally?
If an employee (paid or voluntary) has a concern of a whistle-blowing nature, they would first speak to the CCUC Chairman: Felix Mooney (0788-7888-822) and if that person is unavailable or inappropriate (i.e is involved in the concern), they should consult with Trustee Laurie Jones: 0770- 3259-858

or concealment of all mentioned matters

a breach of any other legal obligation

a criminal offence (fraud, corruption, theft, malpractice

The Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998 amended by the Employment Rights Act 1996 provide protection for individuals raising legitimate concerns

an act causing damage to the environment

a miscarriage of justice

an act creating risk to health & safety



Raising a concern Externally:

We strongly encourage you to exhaust the internal processes set out above in the first instance, however in exceptional or urgent circumstances or having made a disclosure and you are unhappy with the outcome, you have a legal right to make a disclosure to prescribed bodies:

E.g The Charity Commission for NI:

States that “trustees should report serious incidents to the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland as soon as they become aware of them- they can delegate this to employees or other representatives of the charity…”

If you are an employee (paid or voluntary) that wants to blow the whistle on wrongdoing in a charity, with concerns about administrations of charities or of funds given or held for charitable purposes, then you need to read the full document: The Charity Commission for NI: (Search: Concerns about charities guidance).

– All concerns should be raised in writing, using the online Concern about a charity form.
If you are a volunteer or otherwise connected to the charity, you should follow the full guidance from the Charity Commission for NI (search: Dealing with concerns) .